Monthly Archives: December 2011

Jax v2.0.6 Released (and other good stuff)

With v2.0, Jax has finally progressed far enough that I can focus less on the framework itself and more on doing stuff with it.

First of all, I’d like to again tout its awesomeness. The framework was always designed with sheer productivity and application time-to-market at the forefront, but I never realized just how much time it saves. Now that it integrates seamlessly with Ruby on Rails, the things I’ve been able to knock out in the past few days alone have been staggering! The application that I’d previously hoped, optimistically, to enter beta in late January is now looking feasible by late December — and I only started coding it on the 11th!

Having said all that, Jax is admittedly not perfect. There is still room for improvement, and I’m constantly tackling bugs and considering feature improvements — now from the point of view of a person using the framework instead of someone developing it. This means I’m discovering all sorts of areas where Jax really could do better. Hence the rapidly-expanding list of objectives for v2.1.0!

Additionally, I’m shaking out the bugs by using Jax in ways I hadn’t originally planned around. I’ve tried to fix most of them as soon as they were discovered; check out the changelog for details!

As always, if you’ve found an issue you’d like to report or would just like to contribute some code, head on over to Github.


Thanks to Rails 3, upgrading Jax is a cinch (even if you’re using “vanilla” Jax, it uses Rails internally):

bundle update jax

All done!